Wireless data collection, growing a sustainable future.

STRUT is a business intelligence system, powered by wireless sensors, enabling more sustainable and resilient growers in Australia.

We provide real-time data on the growing conditions of your property, empowering you to optimise resource efficiency, reduce environmental impact and run more productive operations.


Create sustainable business practices and reduce environmental impact.


Increase resilience, navigate risks, optimise business processes and overcome challenges.


Reduce waste, water and energy with more efficient resource management.


Unlock the power of faster decision-making and increased agility.

Sensor Devices

At STRUT, we are hardware experts. We have developed and tested a suite of sensors over the years and and partnered with industry leaders to bring you the most accurate, reliable and easy-to-use sensors on the market.

Rugged & Durable

Built to last in harsh Australian conditions, our devices are all water and dust proof.

Easy to Install

Plug and Play design, there is no user set-up and installing our devices only takes a few minutes.

Maintenance Free

Requires no maintenance for the life-time of the product, just set and forget.

Low Power, Long Range

Utilising networks such as LoRaWAN and Helium, our devices are completely wireless and last over 5 years before needing a recharge.

“The dashboard provides a great visual representation of the grove conditions and has been helpful for us to compare the planned irrigation cycles with the fluctuation of the actual soil moisture, as well as monitoring temp, humidity, light”
“The value is in the availability of the information and how simple it is to use and check the data, the professionalism of the team, and how the system was installed. It was very easy to communicate and fine-tune the system to customise the system to our needs.”

Online Dashboard

STRUT software enables you to easily assign actionable triggers, view analytics, and export your data. enhancing decision with real-time data. 

The Online Dashboard is intuitive and straightforward, providing plenty of benefits.

  • Real-time visualisation and smart analytics
  • Simple to use and easy to understand
  • Device monitoring and management
  • Export data easily
  • Automatically generated monthly/weekly reports
  • Critical event notifications via Email and SMS
  • Access via phone, tablet, or computer